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Tyrone GAA Handball weekend review 2nd December

By tyronepro Tue 3rd Dec

Tyrone GAA Handball weekend review 2nd December
Tyrone GAA Handball weekend review 2nd December

Niall Kerr Action

Photo: Brackey’s Niall Kerr is going strong in Division 1 of the league and looks set to contest another league final after this weekends concluding rounds of the league.
Tyrone Attic Stairs GAA Handball Leagues 2013
Woods moves to top of Premier League
The Tyrone Premier League final line-up for 2013 will be decided by next Wednesday with three rounds of action in the coming six days set to bring the league stages to a conclusion.  Following six rounds of play the only player currently on a 100% record is Brackey’s Shane O’Neill but he also has a game to play while 17 year old Johnny Woods is top of the league with 11 points having enjoyed five wins and a draw from his six league matches. The enticing tussle in the premier league will come this sunday evening in round 8 as Woods and O’Neill meet in Beragh at 5pm with that duo looking a warm order to eventually secure a league final showdown on Sunday 15th December. Gary McCrory, Conor McElduff and Gabhain McCrystal are the only three players who can possibly upset the applecart and claim a league final place depending in how the final three rounds transpire.
Premier League Table
P Pts
Johnny Woods 6 11
Shane McCrystal 5 10
Gary McCrory 6 7
Conor McElduff 5 6
Gabhain McCrystal 5 6
Caolan Daly 6 4
Patrick McCrory 4 3
Padraig McGlinchey 5 2
Barry Devlin 4 1
Pól Clarke 5 0
Premier League, Rd 5: Gabhain McCrystall (Br) v Barry Devlin (Br) 1-1, Conor McElduff (Br) v Caolan Daly (CM) 1-1, Shane O Neill (Br) dft Pauraic McGlinchey (CM) 2-0 (w/o), Gary McCrory (CM) dft Pol Clarke (Br) 2-0 (15-2, 15-4), Johnny Woods (Br) dft Patrick McCrory (CM) 2-0 (15-9, 15-1).
Premier League, Rd 6: Johnny Woods (Br) dft Pol Clarke (Br) 2-0 (15-8, 15-7), Pauraic McGlinchey (CM) v Gabhain McCrystall (Br), Shane O Neill (Br) v Conor McElduff (Br), Gary McCrory (CM) dft Caolan Daly (CM) 2-0 (w/o), Barry Devlin (Br) v Patrick McCrory (CM).
Premier League Fixtures:
Round 7: Thursday 5th December 2013
Beragh, 9pm: Barry Devlin (Br) v Pauraic McGlinchey (CM), Gabhain McCrystall (Br) v Conor McElduff (Br)
Carrickmore, 8pm: Johnny Woods (Br) v Caolan Daly (CM), Patrick McCrory (CM) v Pol Clarke (Br), Gary McCrory (CM) v Shane O Neill (Br)
Round 8: Sunday 8th December 2013
Beragh, 5pm: Shane O Neill (Br) v Johnny Woods (Br), Caolan Daly (CM) v Pol Clarke (Br), Conor McElduff (Br) v Barry Devlin (Br)
Carrickmore, 7pm: Pauraic McGlinchey (CM) v Patrick McCrory (CM), Gary McCrory (CM) v Gabhain McCrystall (Br)
Round 9: Wednesday 11th December 2013
Beragh, 9pm: Johnny Woods (Br) v Gabhain McCrystall (Br), Pol Clarke (Br) v Shane O Neill (Br)
Carrickmore, 8pm: Barry Devlin (Br) v Gary McCrory (CM), Pauraic McGlinchey (CM) v Conor McElduff (Br), Patrick McCrory (CM) v Caolan Daly (CM)
Premier League Playoff (if required): Friday 13th December, in Carrickmore, 7pm.
Premier League Final: Sunday 15th December 2013, in Beragh, 6pm.
Kerr leads in Division One
In Division 1 of the Tyrone Attic Stairs Leagues, Brackey’s Niall Kerr is in the driving seat and 1 league win from his last two rounds will secure his place in the 2013 league final. It is very close in the top half of the table however with four players still having realistic claims of making the league final with Martin Toner and Ryan Daly best place along with Ryan Mullan and just one point ahead of Chris Curran. The league final placing will be decided by Sunday evening.
Division 1 League Table
P Pts
Niall Kerr 5 9
Martin Toner 5 7
Ryan Daly 4 7
Ryan Mullan 6 7
Chris Curran 5 6
Paul Donnelly 5 4
Ruairi Grogan 6 2
Barney Corcoran 7 0
Division 1 League Fixtures:
Round 6: Wednesday 4th December 2013
Beragh 9pm: Niall Kerr (Br) v Martin Toner (LM). Chris Curran (LM) w/o Barney Corcoran (Br) 2-0
Carrickmore 9pm: Ruairi Grogan (CM) v Paul Donnelly (LM), Ryan Daly (CM) v Ryan Mullan (CM)
Round 7: Sunday 8th December 2013
Loughmacrory 5pm: Martin Toner (LM) v Ruairi Grogan (CM), Paul Donnelly (LM) v Chris Curran (LM)
Beragh 3pm: Niall Kerr (Br) v Ryan Daly (CM), Ryan Mullan (CM) w/o Barney Corcoran (Br) 2-0
Division 1 League Playoff (if reqd): Wednesday 11th December 2013, in Loughmacrory, 8pm.
Division 1 League Final: Sunday 15th December, in Beragh, 5pm.
Kerrs and McCrory lead  in Division Two
In Division 2 of the Tyrone Attic Stairs Leagues, things are finely balanced in both sections going into the final weekend of play with the top two placings in each section to decide the semi final placings for next Wednesday evening. In Division 2A it does look as though Conor Kerr and Eamon McCrory will advance as both have 100% records from their four matches with their meeting going to decide top spot. In Division 2B, Sean Kerr is in poll position having dropped just one point but Barney McAleer and Mark McCartan’s meeting on Saturday evening may well decide final placings in the table.
Division 2A League Table
P Pts
Conor Kerr 4 8
Eamon McCrory 4 8
Anthony McElduff 5 5
Jack Campbell 5 4
Kenny Curran 4 3
Niall Allison 4 3
Maeve McElduff 5 3
Darren McCrory 5 2
Division 2B League Table
P Pts
Sean Kerr 5 9
Barney McAleer 5 8
Mark McCartan 5 7
Seamus McCrory 5 4
Finbar Fullen 5 4
Aaron Owens  5 4
Lisa McAleer 5 3
Paul Curran 5 1
Fixtures Division 2A:
Division 2A Round 7: Saturday 7th December 2013
Beragh 4pm: Anthony McElduff (Br) v Niall Allison (CM), Maeve McElduff (Br) v Eamon
McCrory (Br), Jack Campbell (Br) v Conor Kerr (Br)
Loughmacrory 7.30pm: Darren McCrory (CM) v Kenny Curran (LM)
Division 2B Round 7: Saturday 7th December 2013
Beragh 6pm: Aaron Owens (Br) v Seamus McCrory (Br), Mark McCartan (Br) v Barney McAleer (Cp)
Loughmacrory 6pm: Paul Curran (LM) v Finbar Fullen (LM), Lisa McAleer (LM) v Sean Kerr
Division 2 League Playoffs (if reqd): Monday 9th December 2013, in Loughmacrory, 8pm.
Division 2 League Semi-Finals: Wednesday 11th December, in Carrickmore/Loughmacrory, 8pm.
Division 2 League Final: Saturday 14th December, in Loughmacrory, 6pm.
McCartan top in Division Three
In Division 3, Matthew McCartan and Conor Keenan hold the top two placings in 3B and go into the semi finals where they await the outcome of the final round of games in Division 3A to know their opponents for the penultimate stage ties.
Division 3A League Table
P Pts
Brian McCrory 3 6
Raymond Herron 4 6
Declan McCrory 3 6
Brendan Gallagher 4 2
Shane Grogan 4 2
Gerard Munroe 4 0
Division 3B League Table
P Pts
Matthew McCartan 5 9
Conor Keenan 5 8
Niall Toner 3 3
Ciaran Mullan 4 3
Sean McCrory 4 3
Conor Daly 5 0
Division 3 League Playoffs (if reqd): Thursday 5th December 2013, in Cappagh, 8pm.
Division 3 League Semi-Finals: Saturday 7th December, in Carrickmore, 6pm.
Division 3 League Final: Saturday 14th December, in Loughmacrory, 5pm.
Mullan and Clarke lead in Division 4
Pauric Mullan leads the way in Division 4 and will go into the league semi finals with Turlough Clarke and Ciaran Cuddy with the last of the semi final  places to be decided over the weekend.
Division 4 League Table
P Pts
Pauric Mullan 5 10
Turlough Clarke  4 8
Ciaran Cuddy 5 7
Shane McCrystal 4 4
Tiarnan McCrystal 5 3
Aoife Kelly 4 2
Eilise McCrory 4 2
Michelle Warren 5 0
Round 6: Friday 6th December 2013  
Loughmacrory 6.30pm: Aoife Kelly (LM) v Eilise McCrory (Br), Shane McCrystal (LM) v Tiarnan McCrystall (Br)
Beragh 8.30pm: Turlough Clarke (Br) v Michelle Warren (Br)
Carrickmore, 8pm: Pauric Mullan (CM) v Ciaran Cuddy (CM),
Round 7: Monday 9th December 2013 
Carrickmore 8pm: Ciaran Cuddy (CM) v Shane McCrystal (LM)
Loughmacrory 8.30pm: Tiarnan McCrystall (Br) v Aoife Kelly (LM)
Beragh 8.30pm: Michelle Warren (Br) v Eilise McCrory (Br), Pauric Mullan (CM) v Turlough Clarke (Br)
Division 4 League Playoffs (if reqd): Tuesday 10th December 2013, in Cappagh, 8pm.
Division 4 League Semi-Finals: Thursday 12th December, in Beragh, 8pm.
Division 4 League Final: Sunday 15th December, in Beragh 4pm.
Tyrone Juvenile Handball Leagues
Boys Under 15 League: Saturday 7th December, Cappagh, 3pm (OIC: Barney McAleer):  Tiarnan McAleer (Cp) v Aaron Curran (LM), Colm Logue (LM) v Ciaran Cuddy (CM), Rian McCaul (Cp) v Cathaoir Gallagher (LM), Ciaran Cuddy (CM) v Tiarnan McAleer (Cp), Aaron Curran (LM) v Colm Logue (LM), Rian McCaul (Cp) v Cathaoir Gallagher (LM)
Girls Under 12 League: Sunday 8th December, Carrickmore, 12.30pm (OIC: Michelle Wynne, Gerard Munroe): Each match 2 x 11 ace games, 1 point per game won – Sharlene Shortt (Br) v Seana Clarke (Br), Sarah Devlin (Br) v Dervla Farley (Br), Bronagh McWilliams (Br) v Mairead Fox (LM), Allanah McGaughey (LM) v Clodagh Munroe (CM), Clóda McNamee (CM) v Sharlene Shortt (Br), Bronagh McWilliams (Br) v Allanah McGaughey (LM), Mairead Fox (LM) v Clodagh Munroe (CM), Seana Clarke (Br) v Dervla Farley (Br), Clóda McNamee (CM) v Sarah Devlin (Br), Sharlene Shortt (Br) v Mairead Fox (LM), Seana Clarke (Br) v Sarah Devlin (Br), Dervla Farley (Br) v Allanah McGaughey (LM), Bronagh McWilliams (Br) v Clodagh Munroe (CM), Clóda McNamee v Seana Clarke (Br).
Boys Under 12 League: Sunday 8th December, Carrickmore, 2.30pm (OIC: Sean Clarke, Gerard Munroe): Jack Darcy (Br), Jonathan Owens (Br), Conor Owens (Br), Dermot McGovern (Br), Conan McElholm (LM), Jack Conway (LM), Lorcan McGarrity (CM), Ruairi Canavan (CM), Tiarnan McGarrity (CM), Cahir Munroe (CM), Fintan McNamee (CM), Orrin McAleer (Cp), Brian McAleer (Cp), Joe McGurk (Cp).
Boys Under 13 League: Sunday 8th December, Loughmacrory, 12.00pm (OIC: Chris Curran, Paul Curran): Caolan McCartan (Br) v Patrick Curran (LM), Sean Teague (Cp) v Diarmaid Gallagher (LM), Lorcan McBride (CM) v Dara Curran (LM), Luke Higgins (Cp) v Caolan McCartan (Br), Sean Teague (Cp) v Patrick Curran (LM), Diarmaid Gallagher (LM) v Ronan McGrath (Cp), Luke Higgins (Cp) v Caolan McCartan (Br),Diarmaid Gallagher (LM) v Dara Curran (LM), Sean Teague (Cp) v Lorcan McBride, Patrick Curran (LM) v Dara Curran (LM).
Boys Under 14 League: Sunday 8th December, Loughmacrory, 2.00pm (OIC: Chris Curran, Paul Curran): Shane Grimes (LM) v Aaron McCrory (Cp), Antoin Fox (LM) v Cormac Munroe (CM), Darragh Canavan (CM) v Ronan Curran (LM), Cormac Munroe (CM) v Aaron McCrory (Cp), Antoin Fox (LM) v Shane Grimes (LM)
Boys Under 16 League: Sunday 8th December, Beragh, 12.30pm (OIC: Niall Kerr, Martin Mullan): Turlough Clarke (Br) v Conor McNelis (Cp), Pauric Mullan (CM) v Shane McCrystal (LM), Sean Kerr (Br) v Ronan McGuigan (Pm), Eoin Quinn (Pm) v Matthew McCartan (Br), Matthew McCartan (Br) v Ronan McGuigan (Pm), Pauric Mullan (CM) v Sean Kerr (Br), Shane McCrystal (LM) v Conor McNelis (Cp), Ronan Lagan (Pm) v Turlough Clarke (Br), Sean Kerr (Br) v Eoin Quinn (Pm), Ronan McGuigan (Pm) v Shane McCrystal (LM), Turlough Clarke (Br) v Pauric Mullan (CM), Conor McNelis (Cp) v Ronan Lagan (Pm)
Girls Under 13 League: Sunday 8th December, Beragh, 2.30pm (OIC: Niall Kerr, Martin Mullan): Bronagh Allison (Carrickmore) v Elizabeth McGarvey (Br), Meabh McCrystall (Br) v Emer Kerr (Br), Fanchia McGovern (Br) v Caitlin Conway (LM), Kara Owens (Br) v Bronagh Allison (Carrickmore), Elizabeth McGarvey (Br) v Meabh McCrystall (Br), Emer Kerr (Br) v Caitlin Conway (LM), Fanchia McGovern (Br) v Kara Owens (Br), Bronagh Allison (Carrickmore) v Caitlin Conway (LM), Elizabeth McGarvey (Br) v Emer Kerr (Br), Meabh McCrystall (Br) v Fanchia McGovern (Br).
By tyronepro Tue 3rd Dec

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