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Philadelphia and Tyrone: Strengthening the Links Next Thursday Night!

The great city of Philadelphia was founded by William Penn in 1652, and since then there’s been a strong Tyrone connection to that part of the world.

The American Declaration of Independence was formally adopted in the city’s State House on 4 July 1776, with the actual document itself of course printed by Tyrone’s own John Dunlap, born in Strabane in 1747. There’s also actually a Tyrone Borough in Pennsylvania, located between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Next Thursday night, 11 April from 6.30pm, we’ll strengthen those Tyrone/Philadelphia bonds with the launch of Club Tyrone Philadelphia in the ‘Sona Pub and Kitchen’. So, if you’re in town and you’re in/of/for/from/with Tyrone, don’t miss it.

‘Le cheile ar son Thír Eoghain.’

If you are in the USA and would like to make a donation to Club Tyrone Click Here

Cá … Where?

Club Tyrone is in, of, from and for Tyrone GAA. We exist solely to help drive forward the GAA in Tyrone. That’s what’s important to us and to those who journey with us. We’ve been on this journey for 20 years now, since the spring of 1995. In that time it’s been our honour and delight to raise well over £4m for Tyrone GAA.

Cén fáth … Why?

We do this simply because Tyrone is important to us. It’s important because it’s our place and home to our people. Alongside that, Tyrone GAA is important because it adds so much to life in our place and for our people. It’s important because it’s about building pride and contentment in who we are and where we’re from. It’s important because it holds true to vital values such as volunteerism, ‘we not me’, and ‘putting in, not taking out’. It’s important because it’s inclusive, innovative, radical and progressive. It’s important because it cherishes every part of what the GAA is really about.

Tyrone GAA was always like that. That’s the precious legacy that was handed to us. And it’s the legacy that we in turn want to hand on to those who come after us.

‘Ar scath a cheile a mhaireann na daoine … people live in one another’s shelter’. We don’t just say that, we believe it. And we don’t just believe it, we do something about it.

Conas … How?

Club Tyrone Members help develop and hand on that Tyrone legacy by committing to contribute £500 a year to that wonderful thing we value so much, the GAA in our County. People pay by Standing Order and in return take nothing more than the deep satisfaction of knowing they’re making a worthwhile contribution to something that’s unique and very important.

Garvaghey Patrons meanwhile gift £5,000 over five years as their contribution to Tyrone GAA’s Garvaghey Centre. Garvaghey is a Tyrone Gaelic resource, facilitating all the Gaelic codes and cultural/heritage activities. It’s for men and women, boys and girls. It’s for Clubs and schools. It’s for people from Tyrone and from elsewhere. Above all it’s for the ordinary, the less ordinary and the extra- ordinary.

Finally, Dragain Thír Eoghain, ‘Tyrone Dragons’, equally commit £5,000 over five years to support Acadamh Thír Eogain, our pioneering approach to youth development in our County. Dragons elsewhere are people who invest in something they believe will give a good return. Dragain Thír Eoghain are no different. The return they seek however is simply the betterment of Tyrone GAA.

If any of this strikes a chord with you, then come and talk to us. Maybe we can do great things together for Tyrone GAA.

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