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Tyrone Handball News

By tyronepro Tue 16th Dec

Tyrone Handball News
Tyrone Handball News

Johnny Woods 4Breacach search for All Ireland Intermediate crown
There is no doubt that 2014 has possibly been one of the most successful ever for Tyrone on the courts at National level and on Saturday Breacach Club, undoubtedly ranking as one of the big contenders for National GAA Handball club of the year, bid to end the calendar year on a high note with national club glory.
The team of Conor McElduff, Gabhain McCrystall, Johnny Woods and Pól Clarke will travel to St. Coman’s, Roscommon, this Saturday 20th December for the last major national game of the year as they take on Liscarroll of Cork in the All Ireland 40×20 Intermediate Club Championship final. The Breacach quartet have all already celebrated outstanding successs in 2014 and, following their All Ireland Junior Club championship triumph in 2013, will be fancied against the highly formidable Munster champions.
Saturday 20th December, 3pm, St Coman’s Roscommon:
All Ireland 40×20 Intermediate club Championship Final: Breacach (Tyrone) v Liscarroll (Cork)
Tyrone Attic Stairs GAA Handball leagues
The Tyrone GAA Handball leagues have seen some exciting contests over the past number of weeks and in some grades we are into the last week of matches as the line-ups for semi finals in some divisions may well be decided by the weekend.
In the Premier League as things stand it is Shane O’Neill and Caolan Daly who are joint top in Section A. That duo actually met on Sunday but at 14-14 in the opening game the match was cancelled due to a wet court. Ryan Daly’s draw with Conor McElduff means he is tied at the top of Section B with Johnny Woods, who also finished 1-1 with Conor McElduff.
The Division 1 League is nearing completion and the league semi finalists will probably be known there by the close of play this weekend. In Section A, Sean Kerr has a full 8 points from his four games and top spot in Division 1A will be decided from his meeting with Chris Curran on Thursday evening, the latter on 6 points. Jack Campbell and Rory Grogan also meet on Thursday and are just 1 point behind meaning that duo also still have string hopes of qualifying for the semi finals. In Division 1B Martin Toner and joseph Kelly have a 100% record but meet each other this weekend in a Division where all 5 technically still have a chance of making the knock-out stages.
In Division 2A it is Monaghan’s Conor McDonnell who is currently top ahead of Pauric Mullan and Kenny Curran. The meeting of the latter two players this week could determine the final duo to emerge from this division. Things are also pretty close in Division 2B with Seamus Kerr at the top of the table, just a point ahead of Conor Kerr and Finbar Fullen.
Tyrone GAA Handball League Fixtures:
Premier League Section, Round 5: Saturday 20th December
Caolan Daly, Carrickmore v Pol Clarke, Breacach (Beragh, 5pm)
Shane O Neill, Breacach v Ryan Mullan, Carrickmore (Beragh, 5.45pm)
Gabhain McCrystall, Breacach v Gary McCrory, Carrickmore (Carrickmore, 6pm)
Patrick Mc Crory, Carrickmore v Johnny Woods, Breacach (Carrickmore, 6.45pm)
Niall Kerr, Breacach v Conor McElduff, Breacach (Beragh, 6.30pm)
Barry Devlin, Breacach v Ryan Daly, Carrickmore (Beragh, 7.15pm)
Division 1 League, Round 5: Thursday 18th December
Rory Grogan, Carrickmore v Jack Campbell, Breacach (Carrickmore, 8.00pm)
Chris Curran, Loughmacrory v Sean Kerr, Breacach (Loughmacrory, 8.45pm)
Eamonn McCrory, Breacach v Martin Toner, Loughmacrory (Loughmacrory, 8.00pm)
Barney Corcoran, Breacach v Joseph Kelly, Loughmacrory (Loughmacrory, 9.30pm)
Division 2A, Round 5: Saturday 20th December
Aaron Owens, Breacach v Kenny Curran, Loughmacrory (Loughmacrory, 6.15pm)
Pauric Mullan, Carrickmore v Mark McCartan, Breacach (Carrickmore, 7.30pm)
Division 2B, Round 5: Friday 19th December
Matthew McCartan, Breacach v Ciaran Mullin, Loughmacrory (Loughmacrory, 7.30pm)
Conor Kerr, Breacach v Seamus McCrory, Breacach (Beragh, 8.00pm)
Ciaran Carland, Cappagh v Finbar Fullen, Loughmacrory (Loughmacrory, 7.00pm)
Division 3, Round 5: Saturday 20th December
Sean McCrory, Breacach v Turlough Clarke, Breacach (Beragh, 4.00pm)
Conor Keenan, Carrickmore v John Loughran, Pomeroy (Carrickmore, 5.00pm)
Niall Toner, Loughmacrory v Tiarnan McCrystall, Breacach (Loughmacrory, 5.00pm)
Mickey Mills, Pomeroy v Mattie McSorley, Breacach (Carrickmore, 4.15pm)
Gerard Keenan, Carrickmore v Gerard Conroy, Breacach (Beragh, 3.15pm)
Division 4, Round 3: Sunday 21st December
Ryan Begley, Pomeroy v Niall Bradley, Ceapach (Killyclogher, 5.45pm)
Paddy Kelly, Breacach v Niall Owens, Breacach (Beragh, 5.00pm)
Micky Owens, Breacach v Liam McCarney, Ceapach (Beragh, 5.45pm)
Paul Owens, Breacach v Patrick McGinn, Breacach (Beragh, 6.30pm)
Sean Owens, Breacach v Gerard Munroe, Carrickmore (Carrickmore, 5.00pm)
Adrian Kelly, Breacach v Brendan Gallagher, Ceapach (Killyclogher, 5pm)
Dark Blue Division 1, Round 4: Saturday 20th December  
Eilise McCrory, Breacach v Ronan Curran, Loughmacrory (Loughmacrory, 4.15pm)
Maeve McElduff, Breacach v Antoin Fox, Loughmacrory (Loughmacrory, 4.40pm)
Avril McNamee, Donegal v Cormac Munroe, Carrickmore (Carrickmore, 4.30pm)
Ciaran Cuddy, Carrickmore v Darragh Canavan, Carrickmore (Carrickmore, 4.00pm)
Dark Blue Division 2, Round 3: Saturday 20th December
Nathan McCrory, Ceapach v Ciara Mullan, Carrickmore (Carrickmore, 2.00pm)
Tiarnan McAleer, Ceapach v Lorcan Mc Bride, Carrickmore (Carrickmore, 2.30pm)
Michelle Warren, Breacach v Dara Curran, Loughmacrory (Beragh, 2.00pm)
Conor Kelly, Carrickmore v Rian McCaul, Ceapach (Carrickmore, 3.00pm)
Conor McNelis, Ceapach v Shane Grimes, Loughmacrory (Carrickmore, 3.30pm)
Dark Blue Division 3, Round 3: Sunday 21st December
Michaela McCartan, Breacach v Aine Farley, Breacach (Beragh, 4.00pm)
Meabh McCrystall, Breacach v Caitlin Conway, Loughmacrory (Beragh, 4.30pm)
Bronagh Allison, Carrickmore v Mairead Fox, Loughmacrory (Carrickmore 1.30pm)
Dark Blue Division 3, Round 3: Sunday 21st December
Clodagh Donaghy, Breacach v Sinead Donnelly, Loughmacrory (Beragh, 4.50pm)
Emer Kerr, Breacach v Elizabeth McGarvey, Breacach (Beragh, 5.15pm)
Tyrone GAA Handball League Tables:
Premier League Section A             P           Pts
Shane O Neill, Breacach                                2             4
Caolan Daly, Carrickmore                              2             4
Ryan Mullan, Carrickmore                             3             2
Gabhain McCrystall, Breacach                       1             0
Pol Clarke, Breacach                                     1             0
Gary McCrory, Carrickmore                             3             0
Premier League Section B             P           Pts
Johnny Woods, Breacach                              3             5
Ryan Daly, Carrickmore                                3             3
Niall Kerr, Breacach                                       1             2
Conor McElduff, Breacach                              2             2
Patrick Mc Crory, Carrickmore                        3             2
Barry Devlin, Breacach                                  2             0
League Division 1A                         P           Pts
Sean Kerr, Breacach                                     4             8
Chris Curran, Loughmacrory                          4             6
Rory Grogan, Carrickmore                              4             5
Jack Campbell, Breacach                               4             5
Michael Donnelly, Carrickmore                       5             2
Conal Curran, Loughmacrory                         5             0 (w/d, inj)
League Division 1B                         P           Pts
Martin Toner, Loughmacrory                         3             6
Eamonn McCrory, Breacach                           4             5
Joseph Kelly, Loughmacrory                          2             4
Barney Corcoran, Breacach                           3             2
Niall Allison, Carrickmore                                3             3
Gavin Coyle, Monaghan                                   5             0 (w/d – inj)
League Division 2A                         P           Pts
Conor McDonnell, Monaghan                         4             6
Pauric Mullan, Carrickmore                               3             5
Kenny Curran, Loughmacrory                        2             3
Mark McCartan, Breacach                              3             2
Aaron Owens, Breacach                                3             1
Paul Curran, Loughmacrory                           3             1
League Division 2B                         P           Pts
Seamus McCrory, Breacach                           3             5
Conor Kerr, Breacach                                    2             4
Finbar Fullen, Loughmacrory                         3             4
Matthew McCartan, Breacach                        3             3
Ciaran Carland, Cappagh                               2             0
Ciaran Mullin, Loughmacrory                         3             0
League Division 3A                        P          Pts
John Loughran, Pomeroy                               1             2
Niall Toner, Loughmacrory                            2             2
Conor Keenan, Carrickmore                           2             2
Sean McCrory, Breacach                               2             1
Tiarnan McCrystall, Breacach                        1             1
Turlough Clarke, Breacach                            0             0
League Division 3B                        P          Pts
Gerard Keenan, Carrickmore                       2             4
Spillane Martin, Breacach                              3             4
Gerard Conroy, Breacach                               2             3
Mattie McSorley, Breacach                            3             1
Mickey Mills, Pomeroy                                   2             0

By tyronepro Tue 16th Dec

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