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Cardiac Screening on Saturday 12th September

By tyronepro Tue 8th Sep

Glenelly St. Joseph’s GFC have organised for Healthy Hearts, Healthy Lives to carry out Cardiac Screening on Saturday 12th September 2015 starting at 10 am in St. Peter’s Primary School, Plumbridge.  The cost is £35 per person and it is suitable for those aged 14-35. (The lower limit is 14 as the child’s heart is not fully formed until 14 and the upper age limit is 35, as above this age the person is more likely to have problems due to heart disease, rather than issues associated with sudden cardiac death). See information leaflet attached and screening form which participants will need to complete.
Undetected heart conditions affect about 1 in 300 people. The tests are able to detect the majority of cardiac abnormalities most likely to affect young people.  The screening involves:

  • ECG and Questionnaire at initial screening session
  • Consultant Cardiologist’s report on ECG. (Dr McGlinchey is the Consultant Cardiologist employed and he will be adhering to (2007) ESC guidelines for screening athletes with specific reference to SCD screening)
  • Echocardiogram, should this be required. This will take place at a later date.
  • Referral to appropriate medical facility, if required.
  • Those requiring follow up will receive a phone call, outlining exactly what is involved.
  • Personal results letter to each individual screened and their GP if required.

The £35 includes all of the above including an Echocardiogram, should it be required. (It is important to note that an Echocardiogram can cost up to €350, however this is included in the £35 cost, should it be required).  In Healthy Hearts, Healthy Lives experience about 10% of the people screened will require this additional test.
Results are usually available in 7 – 10 days.
If anyone from your club is interested in attending, please email

By tyronepro Tue 8th Sep

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