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By tyronepro Thu 24th May

Dear Parent/Guardian
Your son has been successful in his efforts to be selected onto the U17 / 16 / 15 / 14 development squad for 2012.
To assist with your son’s continued progression and development, the Coaching Committee will correspond with you on a regular basis by e-mail. It is therefore essential that you supply the information requested below so that this channel of communication can be opened up without delay. Please note that, in compliance with Child Safeguarding regulations, coaches cannot correspond directly by electronic means with children U18 (ie using their personal e-mail or texting). Therefore, we request that you provide your own mobile number and e-mail address. If you are not in possession of an e-mail address, please nominate the e-mail address of any other responsible adult (over 18 yrs) who may be sibling, relative or friend, to received information on your behalf.
As soon as we receive an e-mail address from you, we will send 2 forms to you, a Player Profile form and a second form which relates to his current training status. These will be followed by reports of various tests which are administered by your son’s coaches.
Please return this information via email using your nominated e-mail address to
Parents/Guardians’ contact information
Parents/Guardians name
Player’s name
Squad Name
Nominated e-mail address

By tyronepro Thu 24th May

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