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Donnelly Vauxhall Tyrone ACL & Reserve KO results & fixtures

By tyronepro Mon 17th Aug

Donnelly Vauxhall Tyrone ACL & Reserve KO results & fixtures
Donnelly Vauxhall Tyrone ACL & Reserve KO results & fixtures
Photos below with thanks to Jim Dunne –
Donnelly Vauxhall All County Football League Roinn 1
Strabane Sigersons 0-12 Ardboe O’Donovan Rossa 2-14
Killyclogher St Mary’s 2-13 Clonoe O’Rahilly’s 0-10
Omagh St Enda’s 1-23 Eglish St Patrick’s 0-9
Carrickmore St Colmcille’s 2-25 Greencastle St Patrick’s 0-7
Strabane Sigersons 1-17 Augher St Macartan’s 0-15
Coalisland Fianna 2-12 Ardboe O’Donovan Rossa 1-11
Donaghmore St Patrick’s 0-10 Moy Tír na nÓg 0-10
Trillick St Macartan’s 2-9 Dungannon Thomas Clarkes 0-8
Errigal Ciaran 1-9 Dromore St Dympna’s 1-12
Donnelly Vauxhall All County Football League Roinn 2
Galbally Pearses 1-11 Cookstown FrRocks 0-12
Derrylaughan Kevin Barry’s 1-14 Urney St Colmcille’s 3-9
Eskra Emmetts 0-11 Aghyaran St Davogs 1-10
Derrytresk Fir aChnoic 0-12 Loughmacrory St Teresa’s 0-7
Edendork St Malachy’s 1-13 Kildress Wolfe Tones 1-13
Rock St Patrick’s 0-12 Stewartstown Harps 0-16
Killeeshil St Mary’s 0-11 Pomeroy Plunketts 2-13
Moortown St Malachy’s 3-12 Gortin St Patrick’s 0-13
Donnelly Vauxhall All County Football League Roinn 3
Brockagh Emmetts 0-12 Drumquin Wolfe Tones 2-13
Aghaloo O’Neill’s 0-17 Castlederg St Eugene’s 0-14
Fintona Na Piarsaigh 3-12 Clann na nGael 3-7
Brackaville Owen Roes 2-16 Tattyreagh St Patrick’s 2-16
Glenelly St Joseph’s 4-13 Clogher Eire Óg 1-16
Owen Roe O’Neill’s 2-11 Drumragh Sarsfields 1-14
Newtownstewart St Eugene’s 1-15 Dregish Pearse Óg 2-6
Errigal Ciaran 1-10 Killyman St Mary’s 1-12
Donnelly Vauxhall All County Reserve Football League Roinn 1
Omagh St Enda’s 2-14 Eglish St Patrick’s 1-6
Trillick St Macartan’s 0-13 Dungannon Thomas Clarkes 1-13
Carrickmore St Colmcille’s 5-16 Greencastle St Patrick’s 0-2
Errigal Ciaran 2-8 Dromore St Dympna’s 0-19
Killyclogher St Mary’s 2-9 Clonoe O’Rahilly’s 3-8
Donnelly Vauxhall  All County Reserve Football League Roinn 2
Rock St Patrick’s 2-14 Stewartstown Harps 4-11
Derrytresk Fir aChnoic 2-5 Loughmacrory St Teresa’s 3-9
Edendork St Malachy’s 0-10 Kildress Wolfe Tones 2-14
Moortown St Malachy’s 1-15 Gortin St Patrick’s 2-12
Donnelly Vauxhall All County Reserve Football League Roinn 3
Aghaloo O’Neill’s 0-10 Castlederg St Eugene’s 6-9
Glenelly St Joseph’s 0-8 Clogher Eire Óg 2-25
Fintona Na Piarsaigh 3-11 Clann na nGael 2-14
Brackaville Owen Roes 4-9 Tattyreagh St Patrick’s 1-9
Donnelly Vauxhall Reserve Intermediate Football Championship
Loughmacrory St Teresa’s 0-7 Kildress Wolfe Tones 1-7
Urney St Colmcille’s 0-9 Eskra Emmetts 0-14
Derrytresk Fir aChnoic 2-7 Pomeroy Plunketts 1-17
Moortown St Malachy’s 0-11 Edendork St Malachy’s 6-6
Derrylaughan Kevin Barry’s 0-9 Aghyaran St Davogs 0-11
Rock St Patrick’s 0-8 Gortin St Patrick’s 1-15
Cookstown FrRocks 2-9 Stewartstown Harps 0-11
Donnelly Vauxhall Reserve Senior Football Championship
Errigal Ciaran 0-15 Killyclogher St Mary’s 2-5
Omagh St Enda’s 1-15 Carrickmore St Colmcille’s 1-9
Dromore St Dympna’s 1-10 Ardboe O’Donovan Rossa 2-4
Strabane Sigersons 2-16 Augher St Macartan’s 1-9
Dungannon Thomas Clarkes 2-7 Trillick St Macartan’s 2-15
Moy Tír na nÓg 2-3 Donaghmore St Patrick’s 0-10
Clonoe O’Rahilly’s 1-7 Coalisland Fianna 0-12
Donnelly Vauxhall Tyrone Reserve Junior Football Craobh
Glenelly St Joseph’s 2-17 Brackaville Owen Roes 3-9
Aghaloo O’Neill’s 0-6 Clogher Eire Óg 4-23
Drumquin Wolfe Tones 2-7 Clann na nGael 2-8
Castlederg St Eugene’s 3-4 Newtownstewart St Eugene’s 0-9
Brockagh Emmetts 0-6 Drumragh Sarsfields 3-19
Tattyreagh St Patrick’s 1-19 Errigal Ciaran 1-8
Fintona Na Piarsaigh W/O Dregish Pearse Óg Conceded
Killyman St Mary’s 0-12 Beragh Red Knights 0-14
O’Neill’s U21 Football Grade 2 Final
Edendork St Malachy’s 0-16 Greencastle St Patrick’s 1-6
Monday 17th August
O’Neill’s U16 Football League at 7pm
Drumragh V Castlederg
Loughmacrory V Dromore
Tuesday 18th August
Donnelly Vauxhall Reserve KnockOut at 7.30pm
Killeeshil V Galbally
Wednesday 19th August
O’Neill’s U16 Football League at 7.15pm
Edendork V Clonoe
Omagh V Pomeroy
Strabane V Kildress
Gael Naomh Padraig V Greencastle
Thursday 20th August
O’Neill’s U16 Football League at 7.15pm
Killyman V Brackaville
Brocagh V Derrytresk
Beragh V Derrylaughan
Stewartstown V Eglish
Urney V Owen Roes
Castlederg V Drumquin
Coalisland V Galbally
Moortown V Ardboe
Killeeshil V Dungannon
Newtownstewart V Errigal Ciaran
Dromore V Cappagh
Cookstown V Moy
Donaghmore V Rock
Both Domhnaigh V Trillick
Tattyreagh V Aghyaran
Friday 21st August at 7.15pm
Donnelly Vauxhall Reserve Football Knock-Out @ 7.15pm
Strabane V Errigal Ciaran
Trillick V Eglish
Donaghmore V Coalisland
Gortin V Cookstown
Galbally/Killeeshil V Aghyaran
Eskra V Kildress
Edendork V Pomeroy
Donnelly Vauxhall JFC Quarter Finals
@ Omagh
7.00pm: Beragh V Drumquin
8.30pm: Brackaville V Newtownstewart
Saturday 22nd August
O’Neill’s U16 Football League at 1pm
Cappagh V Derrylaughan
Derrytresk V Killyman
Brackaville V Aghaloo
Eglish V Beragh
Drumquin V Urney
Owen Roes V Drumragh
Ardboe V Dungannon
Killeeshil V Coalisland
Galbally V Moortown
Carrickmore V Newtownstewart
Errigal Ciaran V Dromore
Loughmacrory V Cappagh
Donaghmore V Cookstown
Moy V Edendork
Rock V Clonoe
Strabane V Omagh
Pomeroy V Both Domhnaigh
Trillick V Kildress
Tattyreagh V Fintona
Dromore V Gael Naomh Padraig
Aghyaran V Greencastle
Donnelly Vauxhall Reserve Knock Out at 4.30pm
Dromore V Omagh
Donnelly Vauxhall JFC Quarter Finals
@ Eskra
4.30pm: Aghaloo V Drumragh
6.00pm: Fintona V Tattyreagh
Omagh-v-Eglish-10 Omagh-v-Eglish-1 Omagh-v-Eglish-2 Omagh-v-Eglish-3 Omagh-v-Eglish-4 Omagh-v-Eglish-5 Omagh-v-Eglish-6 Omagh-v-Eglish-7 Omagh-v-Eglish-8 Omagh-v-Eglish-9
By tyronepro Mon 17th Aug

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