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Handball update 22nd November

By tyronepro Fri 22nd Nov

Handball update 22nd November
Handball update 22nd November

Tyrone Attic Stairs GAA Handball Leagues 2013
In the Premier League there are 3 rounds of action now completed with Shane O’Neill, who collected the Termonmaguirc Credit Union Cup in February 2009 when the competition was last played, currently top of the table with 4 points having won his opening 2 rounds of games.
Results, Premier League, Round 1: Patrick McCrory (CM) dft Gary McCrory (CM) 15-12, 15-7; Caolan Daly (CM) dft Barry Devlin (Br) 15-5, 15-12; Pauraic McGlinchey (CM) dft Pol Clarke (Br) 15-12, 15-13; Shane O Neill (Br) dft Gabhain McCrystall (Br) 2-0 (15-9, 15-2); Conor McElduff (Br) v Johnny Woods (Br) 1-1 (15-12, 10-15)
Results, Premier League, Round 2: Shane O Neill (Br) dft Patrick McCrory (CM) 2-0; Gabhain McCrystall (Br) v Caolan Daly (CM) 1-1.
TBC – Barry Devlin (Br) v Pol Clarke (Br), Gary McCrory (CM) v Conor McElduff (Br), Johnny Woods (Br) v Pauraic McGlinchey (CM)
In Division 1 there have been two rounds of action completed with the full programme of round 3 matches scheduled for this Sunday 24th November.
Results, Division 1, Round 1: Sunday 17th November 2013 – Martin Toner (LM) v Ryan Daly (CM) 1-1 (15-10, 9-15); Chris Curran (LM) dft Ruairi Grogan (CM) 2-0 (15-5, 15-13); Ryan Mullan (CM) dft Paul Donnelly (LM) 2-0 (15-5, 15-11). Niall Kerr (Br) v Barney Corcoran (Br) – NP.
Results, Division 1, Round 2: Wednesday 20th November 2013 – Paul Donnelly (LM) v Niall Kerr (Br) 1-1 (15-5, 13-15); Chris Curran (LM) v Martin Toner (LM) 1-1 (15-10, 12-15);
TBC – Barney Corcoran (Br) v Ryan Daly (CM), Ryan Mullan (CM) v Ruairi Grogan (CM).
In Division 2, there are two rounds completed in the 2 sections to date with a programme of games in round 3 scheduled for Saturday evening.
Results, Division 2A Round 1 – Thursday 14th November 2013: Jack Campbell (Br) dft Maeve McElduff (Br) 2-0 (15-14, 15-11); Anthony McElduff (Br) dft Kenny Curran (LM)  2-0 (15-7, 15-6); Conor Kerr (Br) dft Niall Allison (CM) 2-0 (15-11, 15-6), Eamon McCrory (Br) dft Darren McCrory (CM) 2-0 (15-1, 15-0)
Results, Division 2A, Round 2 – Wednesday 20th November 2013: Maeve McElduff (Br) v Niall Allison (CM) TBC, Conor Kerr (Br) v Anthony McElduff (Br) TBC; Eamon McCrory (Br) v Kenny Curran (LM) – NP; Darren McCrory (CM) dft Jack Campbell (Br) 2-0 (w/o).
Results, Division 2B Round 1 – Thursday 14th November 2013: Mark McCartan (Br) v Lisa McAleer (LM) – NP; Paul Curran (LM) v Seamus McCrory (Br) 1-1 (9-15, 15-3); Barney McAleer (Cp) dft Aaron Owens (Br) 2-0 (15-4, 15-11); Finbar Fullen (LM) v Sean Kerr (Br) 1-1 (15-5, 7-15).
Results, Division 2B Round 2 – Tuesday 19th November 2013: Barney McAleer (Cp) dft Seamus McCrory (Br) 2-0; Finbar Fullen (LM)  dft Lisa McAleer (LM) 15-9, 15-11; Mark McCartan (Br) dft Paul Curran (LM) 2-0 (15-10, 15-11); Sean Kerr (Br) dft Aaron Owens (Br) 2-0 (!5-8, 15-8).
The two sections in Division 3 got underway this week with results and next fixtures as follows. Note that Gerard Munroe has withdrawn in Section 3A so points awarded to opponent in each of those matches.
Results, Division 3A Round 1: Tuesday 19th November 2013: Brian McCrory (Cp) dft Raymond Herron (Br) 2-0; Declan McCrory (Cp) dft Brendan Gallagher (Cp) 2-0 (15-5, 15-9); Shane Grogan (CM) v Gerard Munroe (CM) 2-0 (Gerard Munroe w/d)
Results, Division 3B Round 1: Monday 18th November 2013: Conor Keenan (CM) dft Niall Toner (LM) 2-0 (15-9, 15-10), Matthew McCartan (Br) dft Ciaran Mullan (LM) 2-0 (15-11, 15-11); Sean McCrory (Br) v Conor Daly (CM) – TBC.
The Division 4 League got underway on Monday night and will continue tonight with round 2 fixtures. Standings going into round 2 are:
Results, Round 1: Monday 18th November 201 – Shane McCrystal (LM) dft Aoife Kelly (LM) 2-0 (15-0, 15-11); Turlough Clarke (Br) dft Ciaran Cuddy (CM) 2-0 (15-14, 15-14); Tiarnan McCrystall (Br) dft Michelle Warren (Br) 2-0 (15-5, 15-1); Pauric Mullan (CM) dft Eilise McCrory (Br) 2-0 (15-10, 15-7).
Premier League, Round 4: Sunday 24th November 2013
Beragh, 4pm: Gabhain McCrystall (Br) v Patrick McCrory (CM), Johnny Woods (Br) v Gary McCrory (CM), Barry Devlin (Br) v Shane O Neill (Br), Pol Clarke (Br) v Conor McElduff (Br)
Carrickmore, 7pm: Pauraic McGlinchey (CM) v Caolan Daly (CM)
Division 1, Round 3: Sunday 24th November 2013
Carrickmore 5pm: Chris Curran (LM) v Ryan Mullan (CM), Ryan Daly (CM) v Paul Donnelly (LM)
Beragh 3pm: Martin Toner (LM) v Barney Corcoran (Br), Ruairi Grogan (CM) v Niall Kerr (Br)
Division 1, Round 4: Wednesday 27th November 2013
Loughmacrory 8pm: Ryan Mullan (CM) v Martin Toner (LM), Niall Kerr (Br) v Chris Curran (LM)
Carrickmore 8pm: Paul Donnelly (LM) v Barney Corcoran (Br), Ruairi Grogan (CM) v Ryan Daly (CM)
Division 2A Round 3: Saturday 23rd November 2013
Beragh 5pm: Anthony McElduff (Br) v Eamon McCrory (Br), Conor Kerr (Br) v Maeve McElduff (Br), Kenny Curran (LM) v Jack Campbell (Br).
Played – Carrickmore 5pm: Niall Allison (CM) dft Darren McCrory (CM) 2-0 (15-12, 15-4)
Division 2B Round 3: Saturday 23rd November 2013
Beragh 7pm: Aaron Owens (Br) v Finbar Fullen (LM), Sean Kerr (Br) v Mark McCartan (Br)
Loughmacrory 6pm: Barney McAleer (Cp) v Paul Curran (LM), Seamus McCrory (Br) v Lisa McAleer (LM)
Division 3A Round 2: Saturday 23rd November 2013
Carrickmore 6pm: Brian McCrory (Cp) v Shane Grogan (CM), Declan McCrory (Cp) w/o Gerard Munroe (CM) (w/d), Raymond Herron (Br) v Brendan Gallagher (Cp)
Division 3A Round 3: Tuesday 26th November 2013
Cappagh 8pm: Brendan Gallagher (Cp) v Brian McCrory (Cp)
Carrickmore 8pm: Raymond Herron (Br) w/o Gerard Munroe (CM) (w/d), Declan McCrory (Cp) v Shane Grogan (CM)
Division 3B Round 2: Friday 22nd November 2013
Carrickmore 8pm: Conor Daly (CM) v Niall Toner (LM), Matthew McCartan (Br) v Conor Keenan (CM)
Beragh 9pm: Ciaran Mullan (LM) v Sean McCrory (Br)
Division 3B Round 3: Monday 25th November 2013
Beragh 9pm: Niall Toner (LM) v Matthew McCartan (Br)
Carrickmore 8.45pm: Conor Keenan (CM) v Sean McCrory (Br), Conor Daly (CM) v Ciaran Mullan (LM)
Division 4, Round 2: Friday 22nd November 2013
Loughmacrory 7pm: Aoife Kelly (LM) v Ciaran Cuddy (CM)
Carrickmore 7.30pm: Tiarnan McCrystall (Br) v Pauric Mullan (CM)
Beragh 8pm: Eilise McCrory (Br) v Turlough Clarke (Br), Michelle Warren (Br) v Shane McCrystal (LM)
Shane O'Neill action
Shane O’Neill, currently top of the Premier League, and in action this weekend in All Ireland Club championship for Breacach.
Breacach Club will contest both the All Ireland Junior and Intermediate Club Championship semi finals at Kingscourt this weekend with a full programme going ahead at Kingscourt. Following impressive wins in Ulster in both grades, the club will have a strong chance of capping a memorable year on the courts of play in their latest quest for All Ireland club glory.
Saturday 23rd November, In Kingscourt Cavan.
10.30am: Court 2: Junior SF2: Breacach Tyrone (Conor McElduff, Gabhain McCrystal, Johnny Woods, Pól Clarke) v Cashel, Tipperary (Denis White, Paul McGrath, John Ferncombe, Padraig O Donoghue, Daniel Hayes)
12.00pm: Court 3: Intermediate SF1: Breacach, Tyrone (Shane O’Neill, Barry Devlin, Barney Corcoran & Conor Kerr) v Liscarroll, Cork (Tom O Neill, Shane Hedigan, Ger Healy, Michael Hedigan, Daniel Relihan)

By tyronepro Fri 22nd Nov

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