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Health and Wellbeing Club Officers event

By tyronepro Tue 24th Nov

Health and Wellbeing Club Officers event
Health and Wellbeing Club Officers event

Health and wellbeing was the dominant theme at a highly successful information evening for Tyrone clubs at Garvaghey.
Twelve agencies showcased their services during the event, which was organised by the Tyrone GAA Health and Wellbeing Committee.
Twenty-two clubs were represented, and all those in attendance were unanimous in their opinion that this was a very useful, informative and enlightening seminar.
Representatives from all of the agencies spoke with club delegates, who in turn inter-acted and discussed many possibilities for their respective clubs and communities.
The foyer was buzzing with activity as delegates visited the various stands and desks, chatting informally with professional personnel and picking up information literature.
In the auditorium, each organisation delivered a ‘speed-intro’, providing the audience with details of their work and how to contact them.
Four clubs officers volunteered to share their experience and outline the programmes they have organised in their own clubs and communities during the past year.
Sinead from Trillick outlined the work the club has done with the local community to secure funding for a community defib, in addition to the one in the club.
They have also addressed Bullying in a very proactive way, and worked at promoting positive mental health among members.
Killyman have engaged with older members of the community through ceili groups and other social groups, as explained by John.
They have also worked with non-players to encourage physical activity through cycles, yoga and walk groups, as well as maintain and update First Aid kits and difibs for the club.
Brenda from Glenelly described the club’s co-operation with neighbouring clubs to organise cardiac screening. They have worked with farm families and received health checks, as well as inter-acting with mental health charities to raise money and promote positive mental and emotional wellbeing.
Finally Beragh official Patsy explained how the club has been very busy with organising their own health fair’s linking with local services, as well as working at addressing social isolation.
They have also completed and are continuing to look at screening in their local community and encouraging people to get themselves screened for heart/artery issues.  They have also worked on suicide prevention awareness and achieved financial investment for a new walkway.
“It really was unbelievable the amount of work that these clubs have done and the impact it has had, and this was just four clubs,” said Tyrone Health and Wellbeing Committee chair Fiona Teague.
“The event at Garvaghey was an outstanding success. We had about 22 clubs represented, which is the best attended event we have organised to date.”
She added: “At the beginning of this year, club officers were asked to put in place one programme/intervention in their clubs. However, feedback has shown that they have exceeded this.
“We are now looking forward to 2016 and continually working with club officers in improving the health and wellbeing of their communities.”DSCN2498small DSCN2502small DSCN2489small DSCN2490small DSCN2492small

By tyronepro Tue 24th Nov

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