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New Referee’s Mentor Training

By tyronepro Thu 14th Apr

The Tyrone Referees Committee are progressing with their New Referee’s Mentor Training which will take place on Mon night 18th April at 8.00 in Garvaghey.
Speaking ahead of the second Refereeing Mentors Seminar, The Referees Administrator for Tyrone Eugene Mc Connell stated
last year Tyrone were the first County to introduce a Refereeing Mentors Role to assist and develop New Referee’s coming into the Role Of Club Referee. Continuing Eugene Stated “For far too long Referee’s received their Induction training to become a referee and then they were left to their own devices and to simply sink or swim, as the saying goes”. Well I felt we needed to have a support mechanism for New Referee’s to fall back on for some Support and Advice. Last season we trained up 12 mentors who we aligned to some of our New Referee’s and those just a year or two into their Refereeing Career. They were there to give some friendly guidance and help build confidence amongst the newer referee’s.
This year we were lucky enough after an extensive recruitment  campaign to attract 15/16 new referee’s and if we hope to retain them in the years ahead it’s important to make them fell comfortable with their role and to help nature them along.
If they have any query they can relate to their Mentor for some advice or a word of wisdom. “It’s a lonely place out in the middle of a field between two teams and it’s reassuring to have someone as a form of back up to assist the New Referee in their early days.
We have been very lucky in that quite a number of our more experienced Club Referee’s have stepped forward and volunteered to help out as a Mentor and give support to our attempts to develop our new crop of young Referee’s.
The Seminar will last approx 45 mins and following the Seminar a Mentor will be allocated to each of the latest recruits to refereeing. The Mentor will provide some feedback on their progress and help them get over their initial anxiety or fears during their first few official refereeing appointments.

By tyronepro Thu 14th Apr

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