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Player Welfare Gauging Opinion

By tyronepro Thu 27th Mar

Player over use, over training, burn out and abuse especially with under 18s who are deemed children, is a challenge we cannot ignore. Each player has a responsibility to say no. Each coach has a responsibility to be player centered and not team or coach centered. The player has to be at the center of the decision on how much they train, who they train with, how much the play and at what level they play. The Sports Institute has recommended the maximum number of games, but no one manages the talented young player’s training or training loads and helps them make important decisions. He is expected to succumb to the demands of “the coach”. There is clear evidence that players coming from our junior systems and who have been involved in Institute Squads have come in with many injury issues. The talent young player is expected to play fixtures that are put on back to back with School and County commitments. player is expected to train and play at u21 against Freshers and Sigerson as well as McKenna Cup and other competitions. This has not even looked at the dual player. The current HAS BEEN TALKED ABOUT for a number of years and one would suggest cannot continue.
There is a need for some drastic intervention, legislation, restructuring of competitions or restricting preparation times.. SOLUTIONS ARE REQUIRED Please access and complete the brief survey so we can gauge opinion……. PLAYER WELFARE SURVEY – WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK…..]
Dr. Eugene Young
Director of Coaching and Games Development
Ulster GAA 8-10 market Street
Armagh BT617BX

By tyronepro Thu 27th Mar

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