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Our Story

Since the journey started back in 1995 Club Tyrone has raised over £6m that has all been invested to very great effect in Tyrone GAA.

Club Tyrone’s main contribution is by raising money, which we place under the full control of the elected Tyrone GAA County Committee. The money raised has been needed to fill gaps left by many others, including government. And we’re very proud and content to have made it.

We also organise/deliver events, seminars, talks and publications to deepen people’s understanding of our place, our heritage and our Tyrone common bonds. We report annually to our donors, welcoming the positive involvement of and feedback from all.

This work is wholly and unequivocally carried out within the Tyrone GAA governance structure.

Our mission is a simple one – to make Tyrone better, for all the people in it.

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Geraldine Ward

Keep up the great work! My second favourite team after my native Monaghan!



Michael McCrea

Good luck in 2023!


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