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Results from Club Survey now known.

By tyronepro Fri 26th Jun

By the closing deadline of this afternoon, 44 Clubs responded to our survey.
The outcomes were as follows:
(i) All 44 (100%) indicated that their adult teams would be participating in the 2020 Leagues, in which each of the 3 divisions are to be sub-divided into 2 groups.
(ii) 31 Clubs are in favour of having no relegation. (70.5%)
12 Clubs are in favour of relegation and promotion. (27.3%)
1 Club was neutral. (2.3%)
Based on this information it will now be possible to proceed with the draws for each divisional group, and the redrafting of CCC Regulations for 2020. It is hoped to have the draw for the Groups early next week.
By tyronepro Fri 26th Jun

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