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‘The Business of Winning’ Wins Again!

By tyronepro Wed 17th Jun

Club Tyrone’s second annual ‘The Business of Winning’ event took place in front of a packed audience at Garvaghey on Tuesday 16 June. The 160 delegates had an early start as this year’s Bank of Ireland-sponsored event took the form of a breakfast seminar, starting at 7.00am.
Bank of Ireland Regional Director Sean Sheehan set the agenda by talking through what the Bank can now offer as things begin to move again economically and then took his place in a discussion panel hosted by Jim Fitzpatrick. As well as Sean, the panel represented ‘Economic Tyrone’ at its most powerful and motivating:

  • Pat O’Neill, co-founder of Powerscreen and inspiration behind Tyrone’s world-leading materials handling industry
  • Ramona Nicholas, co-founder of Cara Pharmacy (one of Ireland’s ‘Top 100’ health and pharma companies) and a Dragon in TV’s ‘Dragon’s Den’
  • Terence Donnelly, MD of the Donnelly Group, NI’s largest independent motor retailers

‘The Business of Winning’ is a Club Tyrone initiative aimed at sharing business experience, advice and know-how to the benefit of everyone in Tyrone, whatever their walk of life. Among the nuggets gleaned from this year’s event were:

  • “Hire people who are better than you are”
  • “There always comes a time when you just have to ‘reject rejection’”
  • “Always invest in what will give a return: don’t put money into ‘dead things’”
  • “Train people for the work that’s there now … not for the work that used to be there”
By tyronepro Wed 17th Jun

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