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Tyrone Patrons are in a ‘Glass of their Own’

By tyronepro Sat 24th Nov

The writing is on the glass wall for hundreds of Tyrone GAA’s most committed supporters with the announcement this week that the Garvaghey Patronage fundraising initiative has exceeded all expectations set by Club Tyrone.
Just days after Tyrone GAA announced it’s biggest-ever sponsorship deal with Hunky Dorys, Club Tyrone has added to the County’s funding good news by smashing through its recently-set ‘2-Five-0’ Garvaghey Patrons target. 
One of the incentives of agreeing to become a Patron and paying £5,000 over five years is to have your name engraved in a specially-commissioned glass octagon at the £6.7m centre in the heart of Co. Tyrone.  ‘An t-Ochtagán Ghloine’, the iconic glass feature in the new Garvaghey building has been specially designed and gifted to Tyrone GAA by Omagh-based Colm McCrory of Spires Art.
In the past 14 days Club Tyrone, the Marketing and PR arm of the County Board, spearheaded an ambitious drive to recruit the remaining Patrons to complete the iconic centre piece at the soon to be completed facility between Ballygawley and Omagh. Within a fortnight 44 new Patrons were enlisted bringing the figure to over 250.
Club Tyrone’s initial target three years ago was to recruit 100 Patrons, a target that has now been exceeded by over 250%. In cash terms it translates into a £1.28 million contribution to Garvaghey.
“I’m just astounded by the commitment and generosity of Tyrone Gaels in the middle of a deep recession,” remarked Club Tyrone Chairman, Hugh McAleer. “Times aren’t easy for people but their loyalty to Tyrone GAA never falters. It’s very inspirational.”
“Our Drive for 2-Five-0 was so focused and full of energy it just flew past our expectations.” 
It’s only right that these people and Clubs should be part of the fabric of a GAA centre that will be there for generations.  Their names will etched for life in the foyer of the centre” Hugh added.
f you’re interested in becoming a Garvaghey Patron or in joining Club Tyrone, contact any Committee member (details are in the Contacts page on the Club Tyrone Section of or email
Picture caption
The future of Tyrone GAA has never been clearer with the announcement this week of the 250th Garvaghey Patron, Mary Doherty. Mary, along with the first Garvaghey Patron to sign up, Noel Gormley and Club Tyrone Chairman Hugh McAleer are pictured at Spires Art Gallery Omagh sizing up their names as they will appear on the iconic Octagon centrepiece at the £6.7m facility.

By tyronepro Sat 24th Nov

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