A5 Chair Encouraged by Cross Section of Support

Published 23rd January 2023

A5 Group chairman Niall McKenna has spoken of the great encouragement that the team have received and the nature of support in recent days. Following last week’s press release and an interview on ‘The Mark Patterson Show’ on Radio Foyle, members of the group have been contacted by a range of people spanning sporting, political and community-based organisations.

“When we began forming this campaign, we knew that we would quickly gain the support of those within the GAA. We were hopeful that the non-political message of our campaign would resonate with people right across the community. That’s exactly what is happening.”

“Large numbers of people have contacted us to register their interest in attending the launch on Monday 23rd January. We’ve been contacted by many members of sports clubs inside and outside the county who are very keen to support us. I’m also confident given the feedback from local representatives that we will have cross section of political representation on the night.”

“In addition to the event on the 23rd we are asking people to register their support for the early commencement of the new A5 dualling carriageway by lending their name to a petition. Since Friday morning we’ve had over two thousand signatures on this petition. Those signatures are once again representative of people from right across the community. Road deaths do not discriminate. The range and diversity of support has energised and encouraged us to make something positive happen.”

You can join the petition by following the link below.