Mo theaghlach – My family

Mo theaghlach – My family

mamaí (mammy) – mo mhamaí (my mammy)
daidí (daddy) – mo dhaidí (my daddy)

deirfiúr (sister) – mo dheirfiúr (my sister)
deartháir (brother) – mo dheartháir (my brother)

aintín (aunt) – m’aintín* (my aunt)
uncail (uncle) – m’uncail* (my uncle)

iníon (daughter) – m’iníon* (my daughter)
mac (son) – mo mhac (my son)

mamó (granny) – mo mhamó (my granny)
daideo (granda) – mo dhaideo (my granda)

Sin mo mhamaí. (That’s my mammy.)
Sin mo dhaidí. etc. (That’s my daddy.)

Seo mo mhamaí. (This is my mammy.)
Seo mo dhaidí. etc. (This is my daddy.)

*mo changes to m’ if the word after starts with a vowel